For nearly a century, HighGround Advisors has protected and grown the assets of nonprofit organizations, churches and charitably minded individuals dedicated to transforming lives. We offer comprehensive services in investment and asset management, charitable gift planning and matters unique to tax-exempt organizations and the individuals who support them. We handle the details, so you can focus on moving mountains. Our Promise to you: We Protect your mission. We Strengthen your calling. We Grow your legacy. Protect. Strengthen. Grow.

Asset Management

Whether it’s fund management, minerals management or real estate management and strategies, our staff works with you to develop tailored solutions to meet your investment goals.

Gift Planning

Operating within the framework of each donor’s objectives and needs, we facilitate the gifting of diverse assets, including cash, securities, real estate, minerals and closely-held business interests, through various giving solutions, such as donor-advised funds, bequests, gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

Account Support Services

We provide a broad range of account support services, such as sub-accounting, consolidated reporting and audit support, so you can focus on furthering your mission.

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Minerals on Mission: Acceptance and Appraisal

April 28, 2022 - Even before a donor approaches your charity with a gift of mineral interests, you should be prepared to receive such a gift by having acceptance policies in place and understanding the appraisal process.

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