Donor-Advised Funds

One of the fastest-growing and most flexible giving vehicles, a donor-advised fund (DAF) is a charitable giving account that is sponsored by a public charity (e.g., HighGround Advisors) and funded by a donor’s tax-deductible contributions of cash, stock, mutual funds or other assets. Contributions to a DAF have the potential to grow tax-free over time and donors retain the right to recommend grants from the DAF to eligible charities of their choice. 

A DAF is an excellent vehicle for donors who wish to maximize their charitable impact, give in a tax-advantageous way, and streamline the administration of their donations.

Additionally, friends and family can make tax-deductible contributions to a donor-advised fund for birthdays, anniversaries and memorials. If you would like to make a third-party contribution click here.

At HighGround, we like to say that a DAF allows donors to Give, Grow, & Grant.

Here's What You Need:

  • Social security numbers for Account Advisors
  • A name for your fund, such as “The Johnson Family Fund”
  • Download and read a copy of HighGround’s Donor-Advised Fund Program Guide


Donors open a HighGround DAF and make a contribution of cash, securities, or noncash assets. Because HighGround Advisors is a public charity, when donors contribute to their DAF, they are eligible for an immediate tax deduction.

2. Grow

HighGround offers five investment funds in which donors may invest their DAF contributions. These investment funds are comprised of underlying asset allocation strategies that are intended to align with donors' charitable giving time horizon. Once donors select which professionally managed HighGround investment solution is right for them, their contributions have the potential to grow tax-free, maximizing their charitable impact. 

3. Grant

At any time, donors may recommend grants from their DAF to the IRS-qualified U.S. charities of their choice. HighGround will perform due diligence, approve grant recommendations, mail the checks to the selected charities, and provide donors with one tax receipt at the end of the year, making the giving process easier than ever.

Why Highground?


Benefits Summary 

Tax-Effective Flexible Easy
Invest your tax-deductible DAF contribution to grow, tax-free Select investment options that align with your risk tolerance & expected giving time horizon Monitor your fund balance, contributions and grant history through the online DAF portal
Contribute appreciated assets, such as securities, mutual funds or real estate, and avoid capital gains tax exposure Recommend grants to one or more charities, in the short-term or long-term Ease the administrative burden of your giving, as HighGround performs due diligence, processes grants, mails checks, and provides tax receipts
Reduce the income tax burden of a financial windfall by contributing the extra income to your DAF, prefunding years of charitable giving Choose to receive recognition or to remain anonymous with each grant Channel all your charitable giving through your DAF and receive one contribution tax receipt at year-end
Reduce estate taxes and the inheritance tax burden on loved ones by bequeathing estate assets to your DAF Create a family legacy of giving with a DAF succession strategy Recommend grants to qualified 501(c)(3) charities at any time and from anywhere through the online DAF portal


Donor-Advised Funds Experts

David M. Slover
Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer
Katie Warren
Communications & Donor-Advised Fund Program Manager