A New Year Means New Resolutions

January 14, 2019 - During the first staff meeting of the new year, HighGround President and CEO Jeff Smith said, “A new year means new resolutions. Personally, I plan to spend more time in the studio creating.” Jeff then followed up by asking the staff what resolutions they had made for the year and as you can expect, getting healthier and financial freedom were among the top comments.

HighGround is no exception to goal-making. As we continue to strive to transform lives through our work, we must constantly reorient our focus and plan for the future. HighGround’s vision is Protect. Strengthen. Grow. And in 2019, that is just what we plan to do.

  1. We will Protect.
    We strive to protect our clients and their donors by arming them with knowledge that will help advance their mission no matter how they choose to better the world. In 2019, we are making it a priority to further develop educational programs and materials to enrich our client partners. By serving as an extension of our clients and the departments responsible for building donor relations, we can assist them in securing gifts to protect their future.

  2. We will Strengthen.
    We desire to strengthen our clients’ ability to transform the world. A mix of financial products, services and tools help us to meet the long-term goals of clients. In 2019, we will add to this mix by encouraging and educating clients and donors about donor-advised funds. While currently offered at HighGround, the impending year will bring an easier method to establish donor-advised funds, allowing charitably minded individuals to easily further causes that matter most to them.

  3. We will Grow.
    In 2019, our mission will remain steadfast and we will become more visible and diligent in telling our story. Knowing full well that the work we perform has an impact on client’s financial viability, we are forward-focused, staying one step ahead for our partner organizations. We are planting seeds today that will grow into the trees of tomorrow, though we may never sit beneath them.