HighGround Hosting Baptist Leaders in Israel

April 25, 2019 - For years, the leaders of Baptist foundations from each state have gathered together annually for fellowship and an opportunity to learn from one another. This year is no exception, but the journey will be exceptional.

The host responsibilities rotate among the various states yearly. HighGround Advisors, formerly Baptist Foundation of Texas, agreed to host this year’s meeting. And, after several leaders expressed an interest in traveling to Israel together, HighGround President and CEO Jeff Smith agreed to make the arrangements. 

HighGround will host those Baptist State Foundation presidents able to attend this year’s gathering in Israel from April 27-May 6, 2019 for a time of fellowship, learning and opportunity. Jim Denison, CEO of Denison Forum and HighGround client, and Mike Fanning, President of MBF Enterprise, Inc., will be leading the group.

This trip will serve as Jeff’s second visit to Israel. He looks forward to experiencing it from a different perspective with colleagues and fellow leaders.

“This is a good time to be together with everybody to share fellowship and conversation,” Jeff said.

While HighGround is not funding the trip, we are excited to serve as the host organization. We are, and always will be, committed to protecting, strengthening and growing our client’s assets so they can continue their life-transforming work.

You can follow the HighGround officers on their trip by following #highgroundinisrael on all social media channels.

This is Part 1 of a two-part blog series about HighGround serving as host to other Baptist State Foundations as they travel to Israel. Part 2 will include insights from the trip once it concludes.